It is over!!

I thought that my revisions were going to be a walk in the park . . . but I was very wrong. I have done additional research to get to original sources and to add a little background to a few sections. I have also changed my thesis a bit, which in turn changed the organization of my paper. My thesis took a side, arguing that the mechanisms leading to disruptive selection were the major driving forces while mating type and gamete size genetically linked and cytoplasmic conflict make the transition to anisogamy smoother and help maintain anisogamy in a population. Mating type and gamete size genetically linked, cytoplasmic conflict, and disruptive selection are their own sections, but disruptive selection has several subsections. Each subsection is a mechanism that leads to disruptive selection. No matter what I do I cannot completely separate each mechanism so there is still overlap with the subsections, but what can you do. It may end up helping because I do argue that the mechanisms work together under certain conditions. I am beyond excited to be done with this paper!! And to be published! We have put in a ton of work and I cannot wait to read our book! 



I got feedback on my draft! I am excited to make finishing touches on my paper. Touches do not really capture the amount of work I still have to do though. I have quite a bit of information to add in here and there. I am thinking about adding a section about anisogamy across taxa to help lead to mating type section. I will also expand in the mating type section by giving more background, and adding in information about determination and reference Carly’s chapter. I am also going to add in more from Parker, a researcher that inspired many of the current theories. And do other revisions. I am excited about our book and am loving the presentations!!

Update – first draft

I just finished my draft this Friday and oh boy was it overwhelming. I went into the draft thinking that I had everything figured out but I was mistaking. There were many questions that just kept coming…one after the other. I had to rearrange a few points due to overlap and was not sure how to make smooth transitions and connections throughout the body. I know that I will have smoothing out and fine tuning to do for the final draft, and am anxious to learn what Dr. Bray thinks I should work on to improve. I also STILL struggled with the introduction and could make my conclusion better. I think that the intimidation of writing 12 – 15 pages about a topic that I recently started researching was hindering my writing, but now that the bulk is out and the length is fine I will be able to focus more on the flow of the paper and frequently making connections between the various points. There may be a little more research that I do to add in some helpful information that will help the understanding of circumstances or give more specific examples, but examples are difficult to come by when discussing the evolution of anisogamy. After all, it is not exactly a recent transition! I am starting to put the presentation together. Not exactly sure how much detail to go into about certain points, like that of mating type and linkage, but I guess if anyone has any further questions I could elaborate more at the end, to the best of my ability anyway. 

Update – it is about that time

My first draft is due this Friday and I am excited and nervous to start writing my paper. I have been reviewing my comments and new research articles in preparation for the first draft. I plan on having the paper written by Wed morning so that I can go through it for editing and revising before I turn it in. I feel that many of the issues in my outline will disappear once I actually write the paper. Many of the problems were issues with further explanation and ensuring connections, and in my paper I will be able to explain thoroughly. I got some good feedback and ideas from Bray that will allow me to further expand certain points of my paper. I am hoping that the paper flows and is easy to understand. Many times I know what I am saying, but others cannot make sense of it, so I plan on having at least one person go through and read through my paper just so I know that I am making sense! Here goes nothing…


I got feedback on my outline and am excited to start working on my first draft. I know that I need to be sure that I write in a way that  explains each point thoroughly and clearly. Some of the theories and models are confusing and I need to be sure to make the link between certain points and my paper clear. The area that needs the most development is definitely the section on mating type linkage. The articles that Dr. Bray has pulled for me will help give me a better understanding of the topic, allowing me to make a better connection between linkage and anisogamy. My introduction is still rough; however, I am confident that as I write out my first draft the information that I want to include will become clear! I plan on starting to write asap so that I can have plenty of time to revise before the 15th pops up. 

Update 10/27 – Annotated Finished!

I finished my annotated outline on Friday and I feel that I have a much better understanding of my literature and how I want my paper to read. I struggled with forming an introduction because I was not sure exactly what I wanted to talk about but I got the big ideas down and know that when I am writing the first draft the introduction will be easier to write. I am looking forward to receiving Dr. Bray’s comments. Having worked on the annotated outline religiously for the last straight week, I know feel that I am missing something not being able to work on it. Adding to this feeling is the fact that I know that I need to do very well on the first draft so that I can do well on the final draft. It is difficult to think about what I need to work on without feedback. However, I feel that I will need to develop a better introduction and I may need to rearrange some of my sub-points. I am relieved to be done with the outline and eager to start on the first draft!

During the workshop tomorrow I would appreciate it if the people who are reading my outline would look at my intro and see how they think I could make it stronger. Also I would like to know if the sub-points under each point are organized in a way that is logical. Does my paper make sense? Is my argument clear?